Thursday, November 26, 2009

New release of xmlsh and marklogic

Yesterday I released a new release of xmlsh and marklogic extensions.
Most notable new feature in xmlsh is the prevelence of serialization options to almost all commands. For example now xcat,xquery,xslt etc can change the output method for its invocation without changing it globaly, example

xcat -output-method html

I have spent many laborous hours updating the xmlsh documentation wiki ( to reflect these updates as well as to try to standardize on a markup for options. My previous attempts at formatting options was horrid, now options are in a tabular format.

Improvements to MarkLogic extension are coming slowly as I am using MarkLogic more myself so find useful new features which I want to become commands. Notable is

* option to ml:list to list only the contents of a particular directory
* new ml:listdir to list directories ( invisible to ml:list)
* new ml:deldir to delete directories

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