Wednesday, September 28, 2011

GUI for xmlsh

I've long considered implementing a GUI for xmlsh.
I didnt do so from the start because I didnt want xmlsh to *be* the GUI (or require one). But now that the core is stable and mature, there are times when a GUI would be very useful.

Suggestions (and help!) welcome for this upcoming project.

Ideas I have

* optional. Core xmlsh not affected adversly
* portable. Probably (java) means using AWT or Swing ?
* atleast 1 mode that simulates a typical terminal with line editing

Onto things which might be really neat
* GUI view of variables
* debugger
* syntax sensitive source browser/editor
* multiple windows (one per thread ?)
* Eclipse plugin ?

A lot of things (and wasted time) could be put into this. I'd love feedback as if any of this seems useful to you.