Saturday, November 14, 2009

Embedded commands or roll your own ?

Some commands benifit from being integrated into xmlsh, even if they are 'fairly easy' to do *with* xmlsh but not embedded. An example is schematron. Schematron is easily implemented as simple 4 line xmlsh script. But the fact is you have to figure that out. You need to download the schematron xsl files, and figure out how to call them, in what order and how to pass the temporary files around. It took me an hour to figure it it. For that reason I included schematron as a single command in xmlsh even though its not 'magic', it makes life easier.

But what about something thats truely trivial to do without it being "embedded". An example, a user asked for a "html to xml" command using something like tidy or tagsoup.
I just downloaded tagsoup.jar and discovered that it runs perfectly 'out of the box' with a single xmsh command. Assuming you have the jar file downloaded, this command runs tagsoup

jcall -cp tagsoup-1.2.jar org.ccil.cowan.tagsoup.CommandLine file

You (or me) could wrap this into a 1 line script "tagsoup" that does this.
Is it worth embedding this into xmlsh? The advantage is that you dont have to find this jar file, and put it somewhere and reference it. The disadvantage is that *I* have to include this jar file in the distribution just for 1 command, which however useful, is 'just another java call'.

Does this warrent 'first class citizenship' ? Where do I stop ? I could pass the buck and make it an 'extension module' but in fact thats about as hard on the user as just getting this jar file.

Plus there's documentation. When I embed a command I need to document it. That means copying the docs from tagsoup (or referencing them).

Is this good or bad ?

I want xmlsh to include all the necessary, and even useful, tools for common xml processing. On the otherhand I dont want it to be the entire universe of software in one bundle.

How to draw the line ? Inquiring minds want to know !

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