Monday, March 25, 2013

Update to xmlsh 1.2.3

Update to xmlsh 

I recently pushed an update to xmlsh (v 1.2.3) and  all dependant extension modules.
Full release notes are here: (for the core)

Just some random notes on improvements
  • New RANDOM32 and RANDOM64 variables
  • Improved http command by switching to Apache httpclient
  • MUCH better JSON support (to be documented)
  • A log window for xmlshui makes using it as a debugger much easier
  • Improvemetns to xurl and urlencode so that you can create safe URL's much easier by passing in all the components of a URL and query as separate strings. - Critical for creating complex REST calls.
  • various bug fixes

In addition to core, some enhancements to aws, marklogic, and twitter extensions.

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