Thursday, June 14, 2012

Release 1.2.0

At long last many things came together and I have released xmlsh 1.2.0 along with updates for all the extension modules.   This is a really big release and I havent had time to document it all ...
But just to get you excited

xmlshui - a simple GUI for xmlsh
Named Pipes - xmkpipe creates named pipes for either text or XDM Streaming
XDM Streaming - using named pipes or implicit pipes (| with the set -xpipe)
Streaming enhancements - Some of the core commands now can stream unseralized XDM through named or implicit pipes - xsplit, xsql , marklogic:put ... more on the way.
Lots of bug fixes and test case improvements.
Marklogic extension improvements - XDM Streaming, dynamic URI construction using {seq} or {random}

This is a solid new release with extremely powerful new features and improvements on the core features.   I will be spending the next few weeks updating the docs to help explain how to make the best use out of the new features.

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