Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Version released

Better late then never. Over 2 years after its conception I've released what I consider a "release" quality version so have named it

This also triggers a point where I am going to try extra hard to not introduce any non-backwards compatible changes, and ideally limit syntax type changes to a bare minimum.

I now consider xmlsh ready for production use. It has no 'known' bugs but of course there are bugs, I just don't know about them. It is used in production systems (has been for over a year).

The latest changes include

* updated to Saxon 9.2 (HE)
* tie command that ties xquery to variable expansion
* much improved serialization options to all XML commands uniformly
* J2EE Servlet code (tested in Tomcat)
* Embedding in your own code
* xmlsh Ant task

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