Friday, August 28, 2009

sourceforge ... why ?

When I frst started xmlsh I chose Sourceforge for hosting. Why ? I admit one of the main reasons was a sense of 'legitimacy'. It seemed to me all the "Good" Open Source projects were on sourceforge. (of course so are a lot of "Bad" ones) ... but by picking Sourceforge I felt people might "trust" the open source nature of the project then say by hosting it on my own server. Until recently, for example, SF refused to let you delete files. Thats a good thing right ? you cant retract your project once its published. Your making a commitment to Open Source by being on Sourceforge. Right.

I also thought I might use some of SF's collaborative features such as Wikki, bug tracking, groups etc.

Well 2 years later and I'm less enchanted. SF is seriously thrashing. For the last 2 weeks I've only intermittantly been able to checkin to svn. The analitics is spotty, sometimes works sometimes doesnt. I dont use the Bug Tracking (and neither do my users). Noone's subscribed to the mailing list or used the forums. And ... its getting slower and more ad-laden every day. If you click to download you're forced to view a 20+ second ad before you can download. Not that I'm complaining ... for a "free" service what do I expect ?

But this last trouble with SVN is bothering me. I found several other open tickets with the same error report over 3 weeks old. It seems SF is collapsing from its own weight and maybe I better abandon the ship before the last rat beats the captin. Or maybe "really soon now" its going to turn into the awsome site it once was ...

Do I hold my breath or jump ship ?
Do people really think as I thought that SF adds a sence of "legitimacy" to an OS project ?
Is it worth the fact it doesnt work and their tech support isnt supporting ?

Curious minds want to know.


  1. hosting and bandwidth just keep on getting cheaper...

  2. I played around with svn and svnserve and http+svn today and discovered I could do it, and running on my own server is faster. I was able to to dump the entire sourceforge svn repository into my server with 100% of the change history etc.

    But as a side effect I also discovered the solution to my latest svn bug talking to SF ... and that works now (slow but works).

    I think I'll hold off changing the tire right now and see what happens. But at least I learned how to setup an svn server !

  3. Hung on 99% for a checkin to SF svn ... so I canceled it.
    Now hung on 99% for the cancel to commit ...
    I hear some rats scurrying ...

  4. Sourceforge SVN seems to be back to normal now. I did get some personal emails from the SF team which was very refreshing. Thank you SF team.


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