Friday, May 22, 2009

Wiki Spam

I've finally had to go authoritarian and turn off self registration on the wiki (

At first I noticed some new posts and was excited someone was helping to add content to the site. Then I read closely and discovered it was subtle spam for paid web service unrelated to xmlsh or even xml. I edited out that part leaving in the good part which was added. Then today I discover pure graffiti, a plain web link added to the top of the page.

This "community authoring" model might work for something heavily trafficked like wikipedia, but its not working for me. I beg my friends to add content, but instead strangers login and spam the site. I don't have the time to keep up after it so I've turned it off.

If you would like to add non-spam content or even correct bad spelling, please let me know and I'll gladly register you and send you the login. If you want to add spam you'll have to try a little harder now. Sorry.


  1. I've went ahead and created a "posix" set of basic commands which are builtin. For now they need to be imported (so that its explicit if your using the xmlsh or the OS commands).

    Commands supported are cat,cp,mv,ln,rmdir,rm,mkdir,touch,sleep

    They support only the bare minimum command options, but so far the tests are working great as a "drop in replacement" for basic use instead of relying on the OS commands. A LOT faster too (no subprocess creation for a cp or cat !)

  2. Ha added the comment to the wrong post.


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