Wednesday, April 8, 2009

MarkLogic integration

I'm working on a simple integration to MarkLogic servers in xmlsh. I now have the basics working which given how ML is structured should be enough to do almost anything. The following commands are now supported (in my dev environment).
list - list all documents in the DB
put - put a document to the DB
get - get a document from the DB
del - delete a document from the DB
query - run an 'ad hoc' xquery on the ML server
invoke - run a stored xquery on the ML server

interestingly, list, del and get are implemented as trivial xsh scripts calling query.

I plan on publishing this shortly and would love any input on how best to integrate with marklogic services, I am new to the ML server so dont know the "best practices".


  1. I have completed an initial pass and checked it into svn as well as made available as a sub project of xmlsh.

  2. David,
    This looks really interesting. Thanks for taking the initiative.
    I'm a Product Manager at Mark Logic. I'd be happy to answer any questions you might have about “best practices” (or point you to someone who can). Please feel free to contact me: justin . makeig [at] marklogic . com

  3. I've added documentation on how to install and use the Mark Logic module in xmlsh.

    I would love it if anyone would try this and let me know what you think. Are the options for connections usable enough ? Are there enough primatives ? is it usable ?


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